Wedding Party

Emily O'Brien | Bridesmaid

Emily and Elise have been friends for almost 10 years! From high school swim team to 21st birthdays in Vegas, Emily has always been a part of the major celebrations in Elise's life.

Jesse Fleming | Maid of Honor

Elise and Jesse have been celebrating together since junior high. They have traveled together, lived together, and shared some of the best memories. One of which is when they used to religiously watch a fabulous t.v. classic every day after school-Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Elise is so proud to have Jesse as her friend, and Maid of Honor.

Julie Sullivan Shuford | Bridesmaid

The fabulous Julie Shuford has known Elise since junior high. The girl who always has a camera in her hand has been providing memorable moments with Elise for over 10 years!

Kathy Doll | Bridesmaid

Kathy and Elise became friends during grad school at UCSC. She and Elise have gone on many road trips together and share a great love for beautiful vacations in Tahoe! Both teachers, they use all available breaks to try to get together!

Tina Bazzo | Bridesmaid

Tina and Elise became friends in high school. They have shared many great times and endless amounts of laughs together. Many people who meet the two out and about mistake these great friends for sisters!

Brandon Armitstead | Groomsman

Brandon and Travis have been causing trouble for almost 20 years! These two have shared many birthdays, travels, beers and laughs.

Curtiss Plutt | Best Man

The little (but bigger!) brother will do the honors as Travis's best man!

Garrett Goodwin | Groomsman

These two have been rocking out for over 20 years! Travis and Garrett have been friends since preschool.

Maurice Souza III | Groomsman

From the first day of kindergarten when Maury and Travis first met, their moms knew these two would be friends for life!

Pat Moran | Groomsman

From flight instructor, flight team member, to groomsman, Pat and Travis have been friends since they met at SJSU.